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This could be your dog


Tom and his team are the absolute best.  We trust them completely and they are so loving and caring with our dog.  Tom has become such a constant in our dog's life that I don't know what we would do without him!  Plus, the exercise and socialization that our dog gets is fantastic.  We tried a few different dog walkers initially who didn't take the time to really give our dog the much-needed exercise Tom and his team give him.  We love Tom and consider him part of the family!

Pup Parent Reviews


Louie's family.

I can't recommend Tom enough! He's a genuinely kind, caring, and trustworthy guy. He's been taking our dog Louie on pack hikes twice a week for a while and Louie loves it! The exercise and socialization aspect, not to mention that Tom picks him up and drops him off is a fantastic value. I love spotting Louie out on fun adventures on the Dog Day instagram while I'm stuck at my desk at work. Very thankful to have found such a great and reliable service in the neighborhood.


If your dog needs some real exercise, hit up dog day hikes.  My dog comes home tired and happy. I was looking for the right dog walker forever and am relieved I finally found a great one, Tom's a life saver!

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